Two Redheads and A Dead Blonde

2redheads Trade Cover

Written by Lloyd L. Corricelli, the graphic novel adaptation of the first in the adventures of hard-boiled detective Ronan Marino.

Ronan Marino thought his life was going to be easy when he won the biggest jackpot in the history of the California lottery, left a successful career in the military and moved back to his boyhood home in Lowell, Massachusetts (best known for Jack Kerouac and Mickey Ward of “The Fighter” fame). He couldn’t have been more wrong.

When his girlfriend is found dead in the cold waters of the Merrimack River, Ronan learns she had a dark secret; one that powerful men on both sides of the law are desperate to remain hidden. Calling on his mob enforcer cousin for backup, Ronan dives headfirst into places where even angels fear to tread; committed to finding who took his girlfriend’s life even at the cost of his own.


2redheads COMIC cover2

In issue 1, we meet private detective Ronan Marino in the middle of a case involving white supremacists targeting the local Jewish community. As he solves that case and interviews a potential client, he thinks back to how he became a private eye not for hire…and the girl who’s death took him down a path that would change his life forever.

2redheads issue 2 cover colorIssue 2

After taking a brutal beating at the hands of two thugs, Ronan enlists the aid of his leg-breaker cousin Tony as backup in the search for his girlfriend’s killer.

He also meets redhead number two, a beautiful campaign manager for a local politician running for the US Senate, who attempts to dissuade him from continuing his investigation with her feminine wiles. 2redheads issue 3 cover

Issue 3

Ronan continues his investigation into the death of his girlfriend, runs into an assassin sent to literally take his head off and takes yet another trip to the emergency room. 2redheads issue 4 COVER

Issue 4
Ronan Marino continues his investigation into the death of his girlfriend while finding himself in a new relationship.

Meanwhile new information on Karen’s hidden life leaves Ronan questioning whether he should continue to risk his life in pursuit of her killer. 2redheads issue 5 pg cover

In the final issue of “Two Redheads & A Dead Blonde,” private detective Ronan Marino realizes he missed a vital clue in the case to expose his girlfriend’s murderer and works with his police friends to set a trap and draw out the guilty.

This leads to a violent three way confrontation that leaves a trail of carnage across the city of Lowell, revealing dark secrets some would rather remain hidden.

Will Ronan survive the investigation? Will he ever find true love? More importantly, will he ever find a near mint copy of “Amazing Spider-Man” #129?

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